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George Everest Peak Trek – Actual trek distance and other details

George Everest- George Everest Peak in Mussoorie is a famous historical landmark. It is one of the popular tourist destinations and is best for sightseeing. You need to prepare yourself for trekking to reach here because this is not accessible by road. Sir George Everest was the Surveyor-General of India and this popular house was the house and Laboratory of Sir George Everest which was built in 1832. He had a great contribution to measuring the height of all great mountains- Everest, K2, and Kanchenjunga. For his contribution, this Peak was named after him. 

George Everest Mussoorie
Pic by Akash

History of George Everest Mussoorie –

Mr. George Everest, the highest mountain peak, is named in his honor. He was a part of the East India Company and there he was working on the Great Trigonometric Survey. He served as Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843. And he used to stay in this house. This peak’s name was earlier Peak XV so, in 1865, it got renamed George Everest Peak (An Honor to George Everest). 

George Everest Peak and George Everest House: – These two are differentDon’t confuse it with George Everest’s house. It is basically the base point to the peak we can say. From this house, you need to trek more to reach the peak. So for your understanding, the route will be –  Park your car/bike/scooty at the base point -> Trek to the George Everest House (1.0 Km) -> Trek from George Everest house to George Everest peak (2.0 Km)See it here in the pic, George Everest’s house in the base, and the peak is the top. 

George Everest peak

Things to Do in George Everest and Mussoorie – 

Trekking to George Everest Peak –George Everest is very famous for his short trek to George Everest’s peak. It takes an average 30 Mins hike to reach the top of George Everest Peak where you have an amazing view of the doon valley and snow-capped mountain. You can click the best pictures of the clouds flying around. The trek difficulty is easy. 

If you are a trek and nature enthusiast, you can do one more nearby trek to Benog Hill. For this trek, you must first go across the forest area called Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a good trek that takes you to explore both the forest and the hills. This is also a short trek of 4.5 km onside a total of 9 Km up and down to the roadside. The route is good and wide enough to trek easily. There is Jwala Devi temple on the top of Benog hill from where you can have an amazing view of Mussoorie town, Yamuna river, and the adjacent valleys. 

View from George Everest peak-The views of Sunrise and Sunset both look stunning from George Everest, you can sit hours for to enjoy the majestic view from here. If the weather is clear without any clouds, you might be lucky to see the snow-capped Himalayas Mountains from here. In the winter, you can feel the icy breeze, it is so amazing and gives you a unique vibe.

Camping and Picnic – George Everest is one of the best places for camping. The stunning view and the calmness make your stay more worth it. A perfect place for the family to plan their day out for the picnic. You can come here with your friend, a school/college/office group, and of course with your partner. You’ll never get away from this place.

Best Time to Visit –

This is open throughout the year and you can visit any month. The best time of the day would be early morning during the time of sunrise. A foggy day will slightly ruin your mood, you won’t be able to see the views around you. There is no best time for visiting there, you can visit anytime, but if you planning a trip, then September to November and March to May are the best months for your trip.Note: When in the rainy season, due to increased chances of landslides, the roads are closed by the local government, for tourists, local citizens, trekkers, etc. for safety reasons.

How to reach George Everest from Mussoorie – 

George Everest is 5 km from Mussoorie You will hardly find any regular public transport so better if you can hire a rental taxi or you can rent a scooter or bike from Mussoorie.  First, to reach Mussoorie, you can take public transport. ie. Bus from Dehradun Hill Bus station near Dehradun Railway station. George Everest is 41 Km from Dehradun. The nearest Railway station to George Everest House is Dehradun Railway Station (41 Km) and the nearest airport is Jollygrant airport Dehradun ( 65 Km). You can reach there with the help of public transport or your vehicle by passing through these places:

  • Library Bus stand to Hathipaon Chowk: Its total distance is 4 km and will take you 50 minutes or 1 hr. Hathipaon Chowk to George Everest Base: The distance is 1.5 to 2 km and its duration is 20-25 minutes.George Everest Base to George Everest House: Its distance is 1 km and its duration is bout 20 minutes. George Everest House to George Everest Base: Due to traffic, around 1 km distance takes 30-40 minutes.

Camping/Staying Options Nearby:

  • 2 days per night package in 2500 rupees. A wonderful camping experience at George Everest. Experience the best sunrise and sunset view in front of you. A beautiful nature view, a Doon Valley view, and Himalayan Ranges view.

You can find so many hotels but here are a few best hotels near George Everest:

  • Sterling Mussoorie Hotel Everest Hotel Crystal Palace Royal Green Apple Inn Fortune Resort

Weather Conditions: 

In this amazing place, you can enjoy every weather. Summer (March to June) – The average temperature in the summer season is 26 degrees to 14 degrees Celcius.

Monsoon (July to October) – During the monsoon, the temperature is 22 degrees to 8 degrees CelciusWinter (November to February) – The best season is to enjoy everything, and the temperature is 17 degrees to -3 degrees Celcius.Note: Do not forget to get warm clothes with you, -3 degrees is not a joke here.

Other Side / Editors take or review for George Everest, Mussoorie – 

The road condition is bad at some stretches, So drive slowly and carefully. Sometimes you would have to walk around 500 meters as the road is not meant for driving. 

That one fact you should know before planning – 

You might have read many articles but you should know that be prepared for the trek. When you will park your scooty or car at the base point, you need to trek around 800 meters. Also if you want to climb at the top point, you need to walk for around 500 meters. So plan your time accordingly.The second thing is about road conditions and traffic. The road condition is not that good so far. The last stretch of almost 1 Km of the road is total off-roading.  So be prepared for that. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What are the things to carry while going for the trek?

Ans. Carry a water bottle, stick, sunglasses, and sun cream while going for the trek.

Q. Is there any shops available on the trek?

Ans. No, there are no shops available but you can purchase your necessary items from the small shops near the ground of George’s house.

Q. What is the total trek to George Everest?

Ans. There is a total of 900 meters of trek from the base ground to the peak.

Q. Is there any camping area available near George Everest?

Ans. Yes, the area is available for camping at the George Everest base camp.

Q. Is there any parking space available near George Everest?

Ans. Yes, there is parking space available near the base of George Everest.

Q. Is there any ATM machine available on the trek?

Ans. No, the ATM machine is not available on the trek, but there are a few ATMs near the Library chowk bus stand.

Q. Is there any entry fees required?

Ans. No there is no entry fees.

Q. What is the average time required to visit George Everest?

Ans. It will take approx 1-2 hours to visit George Everest.

Q. Best time to visit George Everest?

Ans. The best time to visit George Everest is 10 AM – 6 PM.

Q. Why is George Everest famous?

Ans. It is famous for its Himalayan flags and the natural view of the doon valley. 

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