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Kedarnath Opening Date 2023 – This year’s new schedule – Plan It

Kedarnath opens seasonally for devotees so Kedarnath’s opening date for 2023 will be in April month, anywhere between 20th April 2023 to 10th May 2023. Last year in 2022 Kedarnath doors opened on 06th May. These dates are purely tentative. Mandir Samiti decides the dates based on several factors.

Every year official announcement for Kedarnath’s opening date is made in the month of march or April so if you need the official date then you need to stay tuned for that.

If you are looking for a Kedarnath opening date of 2023 that means you are planning or at least thinking to go Kedarnath Dham. Let me help you with this article by giving you some necessary facts that will help you in planning your yatra.

Char Dham Yatra Previous Trends –

The last year 2022, the Char Dham yatra had seen a record footfall of pilgrims. 29 lakh pilgrims alone visited Kedarnath and Badrinath Dham. Whereas approx 10 Lakh pilgrims visited Gangotri and Yamnotri Dham. So year by year the number of pilgrims is continuously increasing so plan your yatra accordingly.

Predictions for Kedarnath Yatra Opening 2023 –

Kedarnath temple is the most visited temple among the char Dham and though the Kedarnath opening date of 2023 is not yet fixed but local administration is all set and started preparing for the 2023 yatra. government is assuming that this year records will break and there will be a surge in the number of pilgrims visiting Kedarnath especially. So choose your dates and book accordingly.

The recent update for this is Kedarnath opening date will be declared officially on 18th February 2023.

Badrinath opening date will be declared on 26th January 2023

Pre-Preparations for Kedarnath yatra – If the Kedarnath door opening date is not fixed yet –

If you have a full plan to go for the Kedarnath yatra this year and still dates are not fixed. You want to do your flight or train tickets but are confused with the dates so let me tell you before an official announcement no one can tell you about the opening date. So if are planning the last month of April and the first month of May, then I would suggest not booking the train tickets because the opening date may vary.

Meanwhile, you can explore helicopter booking and hotel booking nearby Kedarnath temple. Because during peak yatra time you will hardly find a helicopter booking ticket and a room near Kedarnath temple.

Read here about the Helicopter booking and schedule

Here is the list of hotels near Kedarnath temple

Why does Kedarnath temple only open in the Summer season –

Kedarnath temple opens in the summer season only, the main reason is the weather condition. Kedarnath temple’s height from sea level is 3583 meters and this experiences heavy snowfall during that season. trekking becomes risky at that time and it becomes very tough to manage all operations.

Doli of Kedarnath is kept in Omkerashwar temple Ukhimath, Rudraprayag during the winter season. As soon as the Kedarnath opening date will announce in 2023, the Doli will start moving from here with a huge number of devotees to the Kedarnath temple. Meanwhile, in the journey, it takes an overnight halt in Guptkashi, Phata, and Gaurikund. The opening ceremony of Kedarnath becomes huge and fully crowded.

Kedarnath in Winter Pics –

Is Kedarnath trekking allowed in winter?

Technically no, Not allowed. It becomes very tough for trekkers. and 16 km trek that too in winter is not really easy.

Registration or E-pass required for Kedarnath Yatra?

Yes everybody in the group needs to register themselves in the yatra portal. Without registration, you won’t be allowed to enter.

Here is the website link where you can go and register yourself –

  • After clicking the link you need to make a new account using your mobile number and OTP
  • Click Create/Manage tour info
  • Add tour details
  • Add Pilgrim details
  • Done! Download your E-pass

It’s as simple as that.

You can go through this video –

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