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Things to do in Rishikesh: 2022

Things to do in Rishikesh– 

Welcome to Rishikesh, a place where you can enjoy many activities, there are many things to do in Rishikesh. Looking for adventure sports, Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking? Are you in the search of peace and want to explore Yoga and Meditation? Well in this article you gonna know all about Rishikesh.

Places you can visit in Rishikesh

  1. Ram Jhula: Suspension Bridge.
  2. Neelkanth Temple: Drive, trek, and Worship.
  3. Neer Gaddu Water Fall: Day Hangout, Natural View and drive.
  4. Triveni Ghat: Maha Ganga Aarti.
  5. The Beatles Ashram: Peaceful Environment.
  6. Parmarth Niketan Ashram: Yoga and Kirtan.
  7. Kunjapuri Temple: Trek and beautiful Sunrise.
  8.  Trayambakeshwar Temple: Worship and Ganga aarti.

Click here to read in detail about all these places. About how to reach and what to do there.

Ganga Aarti at Triveni Ghat:

One of the popular and spiritual places in Rishikesh is because of its evening Ganga Aarti, lots of devotees come to see this Aarti. So, peaceful and it gives you soulful peace. Ganga Aarti is held throughout the year. This is free of cost, yes, you can go there without giving any charge.

Visit Lakshman Jhula:

A bridge is built upon the Ganga. A beautiful place that you want to visit once because of its beautiful view. You can go there any time, always gives you a wave of inner peace.

According to the Ramayan, Lord Ram’s brother Lakshman made this bridge with rope to cross the Ganga River. Later, during 1927-29 the iron bridge was constructed there at the same place. Now everybody knows this place for Lakshman Jhula.

Ram Jhula:

If we talk about Lakshman Jhula, why can’t about Ram Jhula, this bridge was also constructed after Lakshman Jhula. Opens for 24 hrs. This bridge connects Swarg Ashram to Sivananda ashram.

Mountain Biking:

Are you an adventurous person? Want some thrill in Rishikesh? You would love it, because of the speed and this hilly town. You have to try this once for some action in your life.

Opens from March to May and October to December. You can pay only 450-500 rupees for this. So, it becomes fun.

Visit Rajaji National Park:

The best thing about this activity is if you don’t know much about these routes, get your cameras ready because on these routes you have a chance to see wild animals and beautiful birds too.

The best weather for safari is winter, a little foggy and cold weather. Sometimes, the sunshine also enhances your safari.

Price: You have to pay 500 to 2000/- Rupees. only for this wonderful safari.

Trek to Waterfall (Neer Gaddu Waterfall):

One of the best and most amazing things to do in Rishikesh. If you are a nature lover you would be amazed by the beauty of this Neer Gaddu waterfall.

In the summer season, tourists and a few local people are came here for diving into this fresh and icy water. A mentally and physically relaxing activity.

You can come here from 8 am to 6 pm every day.

Patna Waterfall:

Also a very popular waterfall in Rishikesh, famous for its view, very refreshing and calm. Best place to visit with your family and friends. 

Distance- 6 km away from Lakshman Jhula, and 10 km from ISBT Rishikesh, taken time is 1.5-2 hrs.  

Dip in the holy River:

Take a dip in the Ganges to heal yourself. You can also be a part of the magnificent Ganga Aarti which takes place during the morning and evening hours.

Do yoga and Meditation:

If you are the seeker of self and the divine, then yoga and meditation at Rishikesh will take you one step further in this direction. Click here to know all about Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh.

River Rafting:

River Rafting in Rishikesh
Pic by Narinder Pal

Coming to Rishikesh and not planning to do Rafting? Seriously!! Rishikesh is very popular for its rafting in the Ganges. Rafting is the most popular adventure sport in Uttarakhand. Stretches along Alaknanda, Dhauliganga, and Kali rivers have several challenging rapids. You can choose between simple or expert levels – whether you choose to negotiate fast and furious river currents or gently float along the hillside. The rafting season in Rishikesh starts in September and ends in April.

To know more about Rafting in Rishikesh click here


If you like to explore new places this thing is definitely for you. Camping in Rishikesh on the Ganges beach offers an environment to wake up with the birds chirping and you can also swim in the freshwater of the river Ganges.


Kayaking is different from canoeing in the fact that a kayak has a closed cockpit and a canoe has an open cockpit. Whitewater kayaking is the sport of paddling a kayak on a moving body of water, typically a whitewater river. Whitewater kayaking can range from simple, carefree gently moving water, to demanding, dangerous whitewater. You can choose it according to your level of doing Kayaking.

Cliff Jumping:

Your whole body and mind will feel refreshed and energized after jumping off a cliff into the cold waters of the Ganges. Believe us this is more adventurous and fun than it sounds. This is what you can surely brag about. 

Bungee Jumping:

If you are an adventurous person who can do anything for adventure then this activity is made for you only. You can try bungee jumping at JumpinHeights. It is a unique experience in India, a jump from 83 meters, just above a natural river. People with heart disease, Asthma, and other diseases should avoid doing this.

About and History of Rishikesh –

Pic by Akash Choudhary
Pic by Akash Choudhary

Rishikesh is situated at the banks of the River Ganges in the northern state of India, Uttarakhand. It is popularly known as the Yoga Capital of the world. The popular music band, the Beatles visited Rishikesh in the 1960s. They came to stay with their guru, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Then the place got popular after this visit to The Beatles. 

Rishikesh is known for its adventures in sports and spirituality. It is said that the sage Raibhya Rishi did penance here and as a reward, God appeared to him in the form of Hrishikesh, hence the name Rishikesh was given to this place. 

Here has many Ashrams and Yoga schools, some of them are internationally recognized as centers of Philosophical studies, yoga, and meditation.
It’s also known as the gateway to the Himalayas. 

How to reach Rishikesh?

By Train:

Approximately 24 kilometers from Haridwar, this railway station connects Rishikesh to all the major cities in India. Train fare from Delhi to Rishikesh can cost you from INR 85 to INR 800, depending on your chosen facilities.

By Flight:

Jolly Grant airport is the nearest airport from here, it is approximately 35 kilometers away. Popular carriers like Air India, Spice Jet, and Jet Airways often have daily flights from New Delhi to Jolly Grant airport. After arriving at the airport you can take a  cab or taxi to reach Rishikesh. A flight from Delhi to Jolly Grant (Dehradun) will cost you around 2200-2500 INR and it will take around 40 minutes for you to reach Jolly Grant (Dehradun) from Delhi.

By Bus:

The minimum time taken by a bus or car to reach Rishikesh from Delhi is nearly 5-6 hours. It is the cheapest way to reach Rishikesh. The fare of a bus can cost you around 500 INR for an A.C bus, and around 800 INR for Volvo. If you are coming from Delhi, you have to board the buses from Kashmiri Gate Bus station.

Accommodation in Rishikesh:

Accommodation is not a problem at all in Rishikesh. You will easily find a hotel or Dharamshala in Rishikesh. There are options to book either budget hotels or expensive hotels. On the budget side, you can choose to stay in shared rooms, i.e. GO STOPS. If you are a group of 4 or 6 people you can book the whole dormitory of 4 or 6 beds. The prices you will need to pay for GoStop are Rs. 450/Bed. Their Dormitory is neat and clean and equipped with A.C. so it could be the best accommodation option for staying in Rishikesh.

Check here the website of GOSTOP. 

Food to try in Rishikesh:

Due to the number of tourists and pilgrims coming to Rishikesh, there are plenty of restaurants and roadside food stalls mushroomed at Rishikesh where chiefly Indian vegetarian food is served along with Punjabi and Garhwali dishes.

Cafe and Restaurant in Rishikesh:

German Bakery:

The German bakery is one of the attractions in Rishikesh. This place is for you if you are looking for something sweet. The cheese sandwiches and fruit pancakes will make you come here again and again. 

Freedom Cafe:

Situated on the banks of the Ganges, this cafe provides a picturesque view and the best kind of coffee you need in Rishikesh. This restaurant is also famous for its Chinese cuisine.

Little Buddha Restaurant:

This restaurant offers you the best kind of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant. This restaurant is designed like a treehouse and this makes it a unique and well-known place.

Chotiwala Restaurant:

This restaurant provides you with traditional Garhwal dishes (local dishes of the Garhwal region). This is a pure vegetarian restaurant in Rishikesh. These restaurants which are run side by side by two brothers are identified by their stout mascots seated on raised platforms at the entrance. 

The language used in Rishikesh:

The locals of Rishikesh are friendly, sweet, and helpful. They understand English to some manageable level. People can communicate very effectively in English there. residents are good at speaking Hindi so you’ll face no problem at all.

Weather at Rishikesh:

Summer in Rishikesh (March to July): During summer the average temperature in Rishikesh is 35 degrees Celsius. It can reach more than 40 degrees as well.

Monsoons in Rishikesh (Aug- Sept): Rishikesh receives moderate rain during monsoons.

Winters in Rishikesh (Nov to Feb): Rishikesh weather becomes pleasant during winter. You may feel cold so better to keep woolen warm clothes.

The maximum temperature in the winter season is 18 degrees and the minimum is 9 degree


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