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Mussoorie trip plan 2022: Complete travel guide

Planning for a break from your busy daily life schedule Searching for serenity? Mussoorie is the best suitable place to visit. It is called Queen of Hills and located in Uttarakhand state. This article serves as the complete travel guide so that you will get a better idea of how to plan your trip to Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is truly blessed by the nature, surrounded by the hills and Himalaya peaks that make it the most popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand. It is called “The Queen of Hills” and suitably justifying this name as there are some very famous hills -like the Lal Tibba Hill (Heights hill of Mussoorie), Gun Hill (Second Heights Hill of Mussoorie), George Everest Peak, Benog Peak. The Mussoorie town is itself surrounded 360 degrees with the majestic Himalayan Peaks (Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Chaukhamba, Bandarpunch), Tibet border peaks, and China Border Peaks.

History of Mussoorie –

Why its name is Mussoorie –

Before the British Raj, there was only Shepherds community living in this area, and their cattle used to graze the grasslands called, “Mansoor “. That’s why Mussoorie got its name as “Man- Suri”. Local people started calling it Mansuri and now it is Mussoorie. 

Other Facts –

  • This place was first explored by the person from East India Company, Lt. Frederick Young around 1815. He built a hunting lodge (shooting box) on the Camel’s Back Road His tenure ended in 1844 but today there is no place that exists with the name of Mr. Young. However, there is a Young road in Dehradun where ONGC’s Tel Bhawan is situated. In 1832,
  • Mussoorie was the center of the “Great Trigonometric Survey”. In this time Mr. George Everest (Surveyor General of that time) stayed there. The highest peak – Mt. Everest is named after him also there is a famous peak in Mussoorie named George Everest peak is also given the name of Mr. George Everest. 
  • In 1959, 14th Dalai Lama took many Tibetan refugees to Mussoorie, and now around 5000 Tibetan refugees are staying in Happy Valley Mussoorie. That’s why it is also called mini Tibet.

Mussoorie Location –

Mussoorie is located at an average elevation of 2000 meters. It is a municipal board that comes under the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand State.

Things to Do at Mussoorie – 

Mussoorie is known as Queen of Hills and won’t ever disappoint the tourists. It offers a lot of fun and adventurous activities to do, that will definitely make your plan for Mussoorie trip is more memorable. Check out the list of the things to do in Mussoorie trip –

  1. Sightseeing – Mussoorie is blessed with natural beauty. It is surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges and hills of Doon valley. Places for sightseeing are -Lal Tibba, Mall Road, Gun Hill, George Everest House. Check here the details of sightseeing places in Mussoorie.
  2. Trekking – Beautiful treks connect you to the beautiful nature. Mussoorie is the place that offers some amazing treks. Some treks are – Nag Tibba Trek, Hathipaon Trek, Har ki dun Trek, Bhadraj Trek, etc.
  3. Paragliding – Fly over the hills and beautiful lakes. There are different paragliding points and you should give it a try if you visit Mussoorie. Bhatta falls and Mussoorie lake are the main Paragliding sites in Mussoorie. You can choose the ride of 5 mins (rS. 1500), 30 mins (Rs. 5000), and 60 mins (RS. 10000).
  4. Sky Ride – Situated at a long height, Mussoorie became a good place to experience Sky ride. Check here the full details, Price, and location.
  5. Shopping in Mall Road – Mall road is the heart of Mussoorie, it will also a part for your trip when you making a plan for Mussoorie. There are a lot of shops and they sell curios, ethnic jewelry, and antiques which are the best to take with you as a souvenir. Check here the details
  6. Winemaking – There are a number of workshops organized for winemaking. Where a trained instructor teaches how to make wine at home from different vegetables and fruits.  It could be one of the best things to do in Mussoorie for Wine Lovers.

Mussoorie trip Plan

How to Reach Mussoorie – 

By Car – 

Mussoorie is easily accessible by road, the road condition is also good. If you are traveling from Delhi or any other place, first you have come to Dehradun. Now from Dehradun, you have to face the curvy hilly road of 34 Km (Around 1 Hrs 30 Min) to reach Mussoorie.

Public transport, Buses from Delhi to Mussoorie –

If you in Delhi and planning the trip to Mussoorie, You can choose public transport as the mode of transportation.  For booking the Busses, you have two options – Either to take Uttarakhand Government’s Roadways Buses or make bookings from Redbus. To board the roadways Buses, you have to go to ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi and if you are booking the buses from, you have to go to the Mori gate for the boarding. Click here to book the Uttarakhand Roadways Buses.

A.C. buses are available from Delhi to Mussoorie at the average fare of Rs. 700 whereas for Deluxe Volvo buses it is around Rs. 1000. The distance between Mussoorie and Dehradun is 293 Km and the average time to reach Mussoorie from Delhi is 7 Hrs. The Bus bus will follow this Route to reach Mussoorie from Delhi – From Delhi to Ghaziabad -> Meerut -> Khatauli -> Muzaffarnagar –> Roorkee -> Dehradun – Mussoorie. 

In case you will not find the direct buses from Delhi to Mussoorie, then you can book the bus of Dehradun and after reaching Dehradun, you can use any local transport in Dehradun to reach Mussoorie. You will get the local Roadways buses in Dehradun, Near Dehradun railway station.

Mussoorie Plan Trip
Pic by Ananya Sharma

By Hiring Taxi – 

A lot of tour operators and Car rental services are available to hire a taxi from Delhi to Dehradun. From Delhi, the average price of car rental is Rs. 4000 and from Haridwar / Rishikesh the average fare to booking the taxi would be Rs. 2500 and from Dehradun it is average Rs. 1000. Ola / Uber services are available in Dehradun but whereas in Mussorie Ola /Uber are not operating.

By Train – 

There is no railway station in Mussoorie but the nearest railway station is in Dehradun. And Dehradun railway station has good connectivity with the other railway stations of the country.  Dehradun railway station is 34 Km (1 Hr 25 Mins) from Mussoorie. After a walk-in distance of nearly 200 meters from the railway station you will find the bus station where you can get the bus to Mussoorie. The train will take an average time of 5 to 6 Hrs to reach Mussoorie. The best train from Delhi to Dehradun is Shatabdi Express. It runs 7 days a week but you make sure to book it early. It leaves Delhi at 6:45 AM and reaches Dehradun at 12:50 PM.

By Air – 

There is no Airport in Mussoorie but the nearest airport is in Jollygrant, Dehradun. It has direct flight connectivity from Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Srinagar, and Bangalore. Jollygrant Airport Dehradun is 58 Km. One can easily hire a taxi from there to reach Mussoorie.

Road Conditions if plan for Mussoorie trip :

Mussoorie has got good road connectivity. It is located at the hill so the road is curvy but well maintained. It is 2 Lane road from Dehradun to Mussoorie. As you drive uphills you will have beautiful view od Dehradun city and Doon valley. You will find most of the people capturing this beautiful view into their camera. Mussorie is 34 KM from Dehradun. Dehradun is the plain area so it is having a wonderful geographical advantage to have Mussorie in such a closest distance.

This road connecting Dehardun to Mussorie is having its own charm in different ways.  Now this road has become one of the favorite hangout places for the People, mostly youngsters. There are a lot of cafes, and each cafe has got such a nice location that shipping a cup of coffee over the top floor will give you an ultimate view and an unforgettable experience. The hilly and curvy roads will definitely make your Mussoorie trip more enjoyable.

Places Mussoorie

Local Transport options for Sightseeing in Mussoorie trip plan– 

  1. Own Vehicles – If you have your own vehicles you can go to each corner of the Mussoorie.
  2. Bike / Scooty on Rent – If you want to enjoy the curvy road and weather, you can go for rental bike services. There are a lot of services available that are providing bikes and scooters on rent.
  3. Sharing Cab – You are a group of people, Family trip, School/college trip the best option is to book a cab for one day and the cab will take you to all sightseeing places. Here you can check the details for renting the cab.   (Wootrips) The price is around Rs. 2000 for one day of 4 Seater Hatchback.
  4. Rickshaw – There Cycle rickshaws for traveling locally. They are only available on some stretches.

Places to visit in Mussoorie –

  1. Kempty Falls
  2. Lal Tibba Hill
  3. George Everest
  4. Company Garden
  5. Gun Hill
  6. The Mall Road
  7. Camel Back Road
  8. Benog Hill
  9. Benog Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Clouds end

Click here to know about the places to visit in Mussoorie in detail. 

Trip to Mussoori
View of Himalaya range from Lal Tibba.

How Safe is to visit Mussoorie – 

Mussoorie is almost safe to visit. Although if weather conditions are not good, if it is raining so you should not need to worry. As roads are wide enough from Dehradun to Mussoorie. If there is any landslide then you can face traffic jams over the road.  An attentive and experienced driver can take you to the destination safely. In terms of crime rate, Mussoorie is the safest place to visit. Local people are nice and kind enough to welcome you there.

Best time to visit Mussoorie –

Summer (March to June) – Mussoorie witnesses the clear sky that is perfect for sightseeing in the month from March from June. This is the time when most of the tourists prefer to visit and Mussoorie gets full crowded. 

Monsoon (July to September) – During this, most of the time it is raining there. So chances are landslides are also high. But pleasant weather and peace can be found during this time in Mussoorie. 

Winters (October to February) – Mussoorie turns its color to white and makes itself more beautiful. If you want to see a live snowfall, you can pick a suitable day to visit Mussoorie.

The weather of Mussoorie – 

  • Mussoorie retains cool weather throughout the year. 
  • summer, March to June – Clear Sky.
  • Monsoon, July to September – Frequent rain and Foggy weather.
  • Winter, October to February – Cold, Chilled, and Snowfall in Mussoorie.

Here is the live weather update and Weather forecast of Mussoorie –


School Trip / College Trip to Mussoorie –

If you are planning a trip in Mussoorie for a school, a 1-day school / College trip to Mussoorie, The best places in Mussoorie to visit for the group tour will be Company garden, Kempty falls, Lal Tibba Hills, George Everest house, and back to walk in mall road. This will take the entire day to cover all these.

Mussoorie for Couples –

A romantic place for romantic people. Mussoorie is a favorite destination for couples and it is one of the best places for Honeymoon as well. Couples can walk around the Mall Road and purchase the items to carry their sweet memories with them. There are good cafes and restaurants where they can spend their quality time. The plan of Mussoorie trip with your loved one is very beautiful and you will always remember the wonderful moments in your life.

Mussoorie with Friends –

A group of friends and a place loaded with a lot of many adventures, is a best plan for your trip to Mussoorie, and scenic beauty is the perfect combination to have fun and making memories. There are many adventures activity like Sky riding, Paragliding, and Mountain Climbing. As well the Mall road is having a good cafe and open sky bars where the beauty of nature can be best enjoyed.

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Things must know before making a plan to Mussoorie – 

This is the most important point now if you have made your mind so you should go through the quick checklist. Here are some points you must be aware of and some essentials that you must carry with you while you are traveling to Mussoorie. Tips and Guidelines / Things to keep in mind for traveling to Mussoorie –

  1. If you are planning your trip in Summer (March to June), Make sure you have an advance booking of hotels and advance arrangements of cabs. Because it is peak season and Mussoorie is crowded at this time.
  2. Though road conditions are good at Mussoorie Roads are curvy and you will find sharp turns at some stretches so be careful of that.
  3. If you planning a trip in the Monsoon season so check about the weather condition before going there. Be aware of landslides.
  4. Do not forget to pack warm woolen clothes even if you are traveling in summer
  5. Do not forget to keep trekking shoes and trekking lower with you.

Mobile Network, Data connectivity, and Other facilities in Mussoorie- 

Mussoorie is a famous town so there is almost every mobile network. Internet data speed is also good. There are ATM machines of major commercial and private banks so you need not worry that. There are also petrol pumps in Mussoorie so it is also not a problem.

Foods must try in Mussoorie – 

Your plan for trip to Mussoorie will become more memorable if you will try some local traditional dishes. This you give you the different taste and most of the dishes are the local Pahari dishes. Below are the names of dishes / Street foods you should try.

  1. Paratha
  2. Aalu ke gutke
  3. Kafuli / Kappa
  4. Phaanu
  5. Chainusoo
  6. Chilli Chicken
  7. Chicken Curry
  8. Momos
  9. Veg Maggie

Itinerary of Mussoorie trip plan in 2 days –

First-Day: Reach Mussoorie in the afternoon and have a pleasant walk at Camelback road and dinner at Hotel. 

Second-Day: For Sunrise in Lal Tibba Hills, Back to the hotel and breakfast or Have to breakfast in Lal Tibba and continue the trip, Sightseeing in Company garden, View at Kempty Fall, George Everest peak and George Everest house, Happy hills. and evening sunset at Gun Hill Point. 

Third-Day: Morning walk and shopping in Mall Road and in the afternoon any adventure activity like Paragliding or Sky riding or Rock Climbing etc. Evening Back to your place or you can take rest that day and return back to the next day. Hope this will help you to plan your trip to Mussoorie more beautifully  !!!

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