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Nainital trip plan : Things to do | 2022

A Trip to Nainital:

Taking a break? Make a Plan for a trip to Nainital. Great !! This article will help you to plan your trip more beautifully. You will get to know about everything that you must know before visiting Nainital.

Trip to Nainital

Surrounded by a thick green cover of mother nature, blessed with the aroma of flowering blossoms blending miraculously in the cold breeze, Nainital is truly a heaven in Kumaon. Because of its mesmerizing beauty, it is one of the most visited hill stations in Northern India. Nainital is located at an elevation of 2084 meters above sea level. 

The beautiful and glittering city of Nainital is famous for its mesmerizing Naini lake. This city is not only a tourist destination but also a city holding some prestigious educational institutes and schools, which have stood there in the city since the British era. Some of the schools and research institutes are the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Sherwood school, st. Joseph’s College and Sainik school. 

This city is a paradise for those who understand the beauty of mother nature in a true sense. The view of lakes surrounded by the hills, and the reflection of hills in the pure blue waters of the lake, will captivate you to your core.

Nainital is an ideal destination for the winter, but in summer you can enjoy the soothing calmness of the city. People generally visit Nainital during Christmas and the New year.

Why Nainital is so famous?

So the question arises in our mind why is Nainital so famous? Guys!! The answer has already been discussed above!!

So basically Nainital is famous for Naini Lake, the amazing views, the beautiful weather, what else you need now!!!

What is there in Nainital:

  • Once you reach Nainital, you will find several coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotels all over the city. You can buy fresh fruit juice (which is easily available), mulberry, books, shoes, clothes, souvenirs, and fresh strawberries are something you will find everywhere. 
  • The Governor House of the Raj Bhawan is something you must see, its architecture and lush green gardens will enthrall you completely. Its vast golf course will amaze you. During the British era, the VIPs and guests stayed at the Raj Bhawan during their visit to Nainital.
  • The Naina peak stands here at a staggering height of 8568 feet, this peak offers a spellbinding view of the Himalayas. These things will surely make the Nainital trip more beautiful.

Nainital and its beauty always attracted filmmakers and many Bollywood and regional movies have been filmed here. Such as Koi mil Gaya, Vivah, Baaz, Sirf Tum, etc.

In a Trip to Nainital: Things to do:

Here is the list of activities, and the best things to do in Nainital. 

Boating: Boating in Naini Lake is the main thing to do and you should consider doing it while visiting Nainital. It is a popular activity among married couples. Yachting is another form of boating that is gaining a lot of popularity in Nainital. The average Boating price is Rs. 210 for a full round.

Know why Naini lake and boating is the major attraction of Nainital.

Shopping: The local Bazaar (Markets) of Nainital such as Bara Bazaar, Tibetan Market and the Mall road have so many things to offer, so if you want to buy apparel or some souvenirs for your loved ones back home, then do visit these markets.

Trekking: The hills nearby Nainital provide you with several hiking trails, and if you are an adventurous person then do explore some treks near Nainital. Some of these treks are Binayak Trek, Nainital-Kainchi Trek, etc. Some short and famous treks are Nathe in Peak trek and She ow View trek. 

Ropeway: If you love to see the world from a bird’s eye view, then BRAVO!! Nainital offers you this with its famous Ropeways. The breathtaking views of the peaks such as Tiffin top, Snow Viewpoint, and China peak will fill you with new energy and enthusiasm. Ropeway to the viewpoint is a must-try. 

Visit Naina Devi Temple: If you are a religious person, then Nainital offers you a magnificent temple to visit. The temple is called Naina Devi Temple. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. Naina Devi temple gets its name from the mythological legend that Goddess Sati’s eyes (Nayan) fell at this place when Lord Vishnu cut her body into 51 different parts. The whole town (Nainital), the lake (Naini Lake), and the Naini temple, all three of them are named after the legend.

Places to visit in Nainital in one or two days:

Making a plan for a trip to Nainital but the schedule is not allowing you for a longer time? NO PROBLEM !! Nainital won’t disappoint you. To make your Nainital trip more beautiful, We have shortlisted some of the nearby places where you can visit if you are planning for one or two days. Have the look – 

  1. Naini Lake
  2. Naina Peak / China Peak
  3. Tiffin Top
  4. Eco Cave Gardens
  5. Nainital Zoo – Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Zoo
  6. The Mall Road
  7. Snow View Point
  8.  Rajbhawan,  Governor’s House

Click here for pictures and abe detailed guide to these places.

Naini LAKE - Places to visit in Nainital
Pic Credit: Dipankar Gosh

Places to Visit around Nainital in 3 days:

WELL !! Nainital is connected to other beautiful places around. These places will also take you to the next level of serenity. If time is allowing you or this time you want to add something else to our Nainital trip plan, then you can explore these places. These are the best places to visit around Nainital in 3 days. 

  1. Sariyatal
  2. Sattal
  3. BhimTal
  4. Kainchidham
  5. Naukhuchiyatal

Best Food / Restaurants you must try in Nainital:

Restaurants in Nainital will offer you a variety of delicious food. We identified some of the best restaurants based on tourists’ views. You must visit these restaurants to satiate your taste buds. 

  1. Machan Restaurant – Highly recommended if you are in Nainital. You can plan a one-time meal (Breakfast or Dinner) in Machan Restaurant. You will get tasty food with a good ambiance too. It is near Mallital Rickshaw stand and It will cost you around Rs. 800 for two people
  2. Sher-E-Punjab Restaurant – Sher-E-Punjab won’t let you forget the Punjabi taste in the Kumaon region. You must try their non-vegetarian diet. Though they are also offering vegetarian foods. You can try Chole Bhature and Parathe. The ambiance of the place is too good to enjoy the food. 
  3. Sonam Fast Food – Momos are the hot favorite in Nainital. And Sonam Fast Food in Tibetan Market and it is carrying out his legacy since 1983. One should not skip the Mutton Momos of Sonam Fast food. You will get an amazing taste.
  4. SaOakley’sestaurant & Pastry Shop – One of the most recommended places to have cake, pastries, and coffee. One of the best bakeries Nainital. You must once try their pastries. Probably you will fall in love with it. 

Besides, if want to try some local dishes, Dishes made by locals in pure Desi style there are two best recommendations for you –

1. Nainagaon Bhuna Mutton Curry – Mutton curry made in pure Pahari style and served with rice will give you the Pahari taste that you never had before. It is such a famous point that if you will reach here after 3:30 PM you will get nothing. They only run this to serve lunch. This place lies the inonainital-Haldwani road.

Mutton in Naina Gawn Nainital

2. Bhatt Ji ke Bhutte – Bhatt Ji this e owner and Bhutte means “Corn”. He has been running this stall since 1988. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years. He serves Bhutta (Corn) with a unique kind of Chof Chutney. It is located in Dogaon (Haldwani – Nainital Highway) 15 KM from Haldwani. You must try this Pahari bhutta once. 

How to reach Nainital from Delhi- 

By Road: – Nainital is well connected by roads. It is 42 KM from Haldwani and 35KM from Kathgodam. Either you can hire a taxi from Kathgodam/Haldwani or you can also take public transport, Uttarakhand Roadways buses from Haldwani and Kathgodam bus station. Bus fare will be around RS. 60. You can also get a thaharing taxi for Rs. 200 Per person. 

By Train: – There is no Railway station in Nainital. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam. If you are coming from Delhi, You can book a train to Kathgodam, It will take almost 6 hours to reach Kathgodam from Delhi.  From Kathgodam, you can hire a taxi (Around 900 RS.) or take public transport from Kathgodam bus station (1.5 KM from Railway Station). The bus fare will be around RS. 50. You can also take a shared taxi (RS. 150 ). 

By Flight:- The Nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, 70 KM(2Hrs) from Nainital. Pantnagar airport has connectivity with flights from Delhi and Dehradun. There is no direct flight to Nainital from Delhi.

Things to know before planning your trip to Nainital :

  • Indeed Nainital is a beautiful place to be, but during weekends the city gets way too crowded, and finding a place for accommodation can be a tough task. So if you are planning a visit, then make sure to book your hotels earlier. 
  • If you are visiting Nainital during the winter season, then pack an extra pair of woolen clothes. The winter in Nainital can be reached for you if you are from South and Central India.

The best time in your plan for a trip to Nainital is between thrilled to October. 

The Average temperature in Nainital – 

Must know about temperature, when making a plan for a trip to Nainital:

Summer (March to June): In the summer season, the temperature in Nainital is 15 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius.

Monsoon (July to October): During the monsoon, the temp. is 21 degrees to 17 degrees Celsius.

Winter (November to February): The temp. in winter is degrees to degrees.

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